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sacramento county office of education
sacramento county office of education
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Dr. L. Steven Winlock
Executive Director
(916) 228-2612

Kristen Coyle
Director, Program Support
(916) 228-2538

Cheryl Roberts
Program Support
(916) 228-3908

Physical address:
10474 Mather Boulevard
Mather, CA 95655

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 269003
Sacramento, CA 95826



"I think starting the credential program with a course on vision was inspiring and a great way to dive into learning about leadership in education. The class meetings were dynamic, interesting and got me to think outside the box in terms of my role as a classroom teacher to school leader."
- Belinda K.

"Dr. Winlock provides high quality instruction and relevance that requires personal reflection and plans for action steps once in the capacity to implement elements and indicators of the standard. Dr. Westermann did a great job facilitating the online chats and provided great feedback to my final statements."
- Phillip P.

"Excellent class. SCOE does it again. I have gotten more out of these classes through SCOE than I have through my BS and Master's!!! Excellent job."
- Sandra P.


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The Leadership Institute, a collaboration of the Sacramento County Office of Education and local school districts, prepares and supports aspiring leaders as well as existing leaders in the Sacramento County and Capitol Region.

Levels of Focus

The Leadership Institute offers three levels of focus. These levels are referred to as the ABCs of the program.

  • Aspiring Administrators
  • - Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program (Tier 1)
    - Affordable 1-year program
    - Practical approach to leadership
  • Beginning Administrators
  • - Clear Administrative Services Credential Program (Tier 2)
    - Professional Development opportunities for new administrators with little or no experience
    - Clear Administrative Services Credential Program Coaching Opportunities (CASCP Coach Application)
  • Continuing Administrators
  • - Professional Development opportunities for administrators with 2 or more years of experience

    Our Mission

    The Leadership Institute prepares and supports leaders in the Sacramento County and Capital Region. Levels of focus range from Preliminary Administrative credentialing for aspiring leaders to continued professional development and support of existing leaders, including the Clear Administrative Services Credential Program (CASCP).

    Our guiding principle is that high-quality leadership is key to success for students, teachers, schools, and districts.

    Coaching Opportunities

    The Preliminary Administrative and Clear Administrative Services Credential Programs require a coaching component. If you are an experienced administrator and would enjoy supporting our aspiring and current administrators, please apply using our Common Coach Application.

    Important Upcoming Dates:

    More dates coming soon!