Welcome from Superintendent Dave Gordon

Dave Gordon More than ever, strong school leadership is key to school improvement. School administrators are responsible for providing a high-quality education for all students in our local schools. We need strong leaders to set high standards, promote excellent teaching and motivate students and teachers.

Research shows that the Sacramento region faces a critical shortage of trained and talented school leaders. A new WestEd study found that by 2017, due to retirements and other factors, Sacramento County will need nearly 300 new school site administrators while the Sacramento region will need close to 500. For that reason, the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is taking an innovative approach to preparing administrators by establishing our Leadership Institute.

The purpose of the Leadership Institute is to provide cutting edge training, on all levels, to meet the needs of our local schools and districts. This includes those who are currently holding district office leadership positions, as well as newly appointed and aspiring administrators. For example, our program will provide aspiring administrators with professional development and preparation and licensing upon successful completion of their training.

We have developed our Institute in collaboration with the thirteen school districts that we serve, along with the other nine county offices in our Capital region. This cooperation will support success for all leaders involved in our program.

We are proud that our Leadership Institute is coordinated by Dr. L. Steven Winlock who has a long and distinguished track record of designing and delivering leadership training in the State of California.

Thank you for your interest in preparing the people who will lead our schools and dedicate themselves to improving the quality of education in our local communities.

David W. Gordon
Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools