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sacramento county office of education
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"The leadership institute really opened my eyes as a leader to the importance of relationship building.  I learned a leader guides people towards believing the changes they need to make are their own ideas.  Now that I'm out in the field with a new leadership position, I'm truly learning daily the only way to enable teachers to change is if I can I make personal connections without judgment or bias and allow implementation to occur organically versus forcing my own agenda."
- Kristen E. (TRUSD)

"This course was very enjoyable and purposeful with Dr. Winlock sharing his knowledge and experience. The articles and books provide depth and concrete information for better understanding of the elements, and the online chats allowed for positive collaboration."
- Karin N. (EGUSD)

"The faculty was constantly prepared and gave the program and each of the participants 100% of their time and attention. Communications were excellent and messages conveyed were always clear, Each of the case scenarios and online chats were effective in engaging us as well as preparing us for real-life situations. The overall program is one I would highly recommend to anyone looking to go into obtaining a preliminary administrative services credential!"
- Robert P. (TRUSD)


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SCOE Cohort 1 Participants

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Ahnin, Vern, Robla SD
Alcala, Lisa, SCOE
Alfonso, Cara, Twin Rivers USD
Bowland, Bobbi Jo, Sac. City USD
Buzolich, Jennifer, Washington USD (Yolo)
Calderon, Jaime, SCOE
Campbell, David, Twin Rivers USD
Garcia-Torres, Graciela, Twin Rivers USD
Gray, Elzora, Sac. City USD
Guyer, Paul, Natomas USD
Hanson, Doug, Center Joint USD
Hayashi, Kristen, Elk Grove USD
Hughes, Jamie, Galt Joint Union SD
Ibarra-Pellegri, Lilia, Sac. City USD

Irwin, Bryan, Folsom Cordova USD
Martinez, Gerardo, Galt Joint Union SD
McCarthy, Kathleen, Twin Rivers USD
Meyer, Scott, Folsom Cordova USD
Moran, Christine, Twin Rivers USD
Olson, Kori, Twin Rivers USD
Palmer, Jennifer, Washington USD (Yolo)
Petersen, Susan, Galt Joint Union SD
Pope, Robert, Twin Rivers USD
Powell, Linda, Twin Rivers USD
Smith, Christina, Action Learning Systems
Theisen, Mary, Galt Joint Union HSD
Torrecampo, Ben, Robla SD
White, Jacqueline, Twin Rivers USD