Clear Administrative Services Credential Program (CASCP)


The Sacramento County Office of Education provides candidates an opportunity to earn a Clear Administrative Services Credential through our two-year program. The program is accredited through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and is based on the CCTC guidelines. The program is comprised of coursework (applied practicums, workshops, reflection, assessments) that is job-embedded, relevant and is focused on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs). The program aims to advance knowledge and skills and help the candidate to become an effective administrator. It includes one-on-one coaching by an experienced administrator.

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Eligibility Criteria

Application Process

The program has two start dates throughout the school year. The due dates for each are:
Candidates may apply to the program at any time during the school year. Applications submitted before a due date will be considered for the very next CPSEL. Applications submitted after a due date will be considered for the following cycle. For example:

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Clear Administrative Services Credential Program (CASCP): Participant Application

CASCP Program Cost

* Fees are subject to increase. Participant will pay the rate listed at the start of program. Payment rate is set once participant enters program.